hmmm…my planet? Are you making a Mormon joke about Kolob haha kidding…um I want to travel all over the world

Un Nouveau Monde

So, I’m finally a contributing member of the Tumblr community…I doubt my life is interesting enough to want to read, but in case anyone reads this, here is a little about me:

This is such a crazy time in my life! All of a sudden, I got accepted to UNCW, so I’m leaving my life in Wilson NC as a Barton College student behind me, and starting a new life in Wilmington. New major, new studies, new people, new friends, new city, completely new lifestyle. And, I’m finally “on my own” more than I have ever been…within a little over two weeks of hearing the news of my acceptance (I had forgotten I had even applied), I had moved into a fabulous house in Wilmington, at least three hours away from most of my family and friends (with no idea who my two roomies would be)…it’s an exciting new leap. From small private college in tiny town to big public school in the big coastal city! I’m pre-dental, studying Spanish and French. Oh, and I’m a Mormon…

I’m a Domestic Goddess in training-decorating, cooking like someone off food-network, and taking care of kids like a professional mom (though it will be a long time before I have any of my own)…I’m learning how to be a top Domestic Goddess.

My life has been changing so much…I’m excited to share my journey with you!